In a nutshell, eco-benign® is effective, efficient, and environmentally-responsible technologies.

We create eco-benign® products for a broad range of bio-augmentation, waste degradation and cleaning applications because the traditional harsh chemicals used in these areas damage the environment.

The protection of the environment is part of our ethos and values, and underpins the development of all our products – and it’s not just us. In a 2017 study by the European Commission, 94% of respondents said that the protection of the environment is important to them personally.

What does eco-benign® mean?

Our parent company Genesis Biosciences created the phrase eco-benign® to highlight the lack of impact on the environment our products have.

We don’t use harsh chemicals; instead we harness the action of naturally occurring beneficial microbes and readily biodegradable, non-toxic chemistry.

Simply put, our products offer superior, long lasting effectiveness without the harmful chemical formulations of traditional products.

As Green Business of the Year 2019, all of our technologies are developed to work towards a safer, cleaner world.

All of our technology is eco-benign® by design

We design all of our products with two key considerations in place. Firstly, the active ingredients must have very high environmental credentials.

All biological components we use are naturally occurring, non-hazardous, class 1 microorganisms. And we always use naturally derived plant extracts for our anti-microbial actives. These are rapidly biodegradable and have a low toxicity, which causes minimal environmental impact.

Secondly the surfactants must be readily biodegradable and have a complete set of data for common indicator species. This ensures accurate classification as the lowest available toxicity to the environment within their category.

We believe in chemistry that works with biology, not against it.

How do eco-benign® products help the environment?

The raw materials in our biosan technology are non-toxic, readily biodegradable and all come from sustainable sources, providing another layer of environmental responsibility.

Alongside this, all our packaging is recycled and recyclable. Our products are available in a range of concentrates which can be diluted to your needs locally. This reduces shipping volumes and lowers the carbon footprint involved in delivery.

How going eco-benign® will help your company

We all have a responsibility to look after the future of our planet, yet it’s understandable to put financial concerns before environmental ones. We are businesses after all and we can’t exist without profits. But it doesn’t have to be the case that being environmentally responsible eats into your bottom line.

This is where we can help you and your company. Not only do biosan antimicrobial products work effectively without harming the environment, they are cost-effective over the medium to long-term too.

For example, the controlled release vapour-phase antimicrobial technology in biosan products provides long lasting disinfection and odour control, while reducing labour costs without skimping on hygiene or effectiveness.

eco-benign® technology is the future of effective, efficient, responsible and economical cleaning.

What do we look at when selecting raw materials in our eco-benign® products?

To be as safe and environmentally responsible as possible it’s essential that the raw materials we use are readily biodegradable. Not only that but we focus on ‘behaviour in the environment’. So our raw products also must have a low toxicity profile and derive from sustainable sources.

Every step of the process at Genesis Biosciences considers the impact on the environment and seeks to reduce and minimise it for us and our customers.

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