New product launched – introducing the Biosan Total-Release Sanitiser Aerosol

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Yet another new product joins the biosan range – we’re thrilled to introduce our dedicated Total-Release Sanitiser Aerosol. This fogging-style sanitiser is an anti-viral and anti-bacterial aerosol spray for effective disinfection of areas covering up to 100m³. Independently tested & verified to be effective against COVID-19 and all novel coronaviruses, the product disinfects rooms within just … Read More

What is eco-benign®?

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In a nutshell, eco-benign® is effective, efficient, and environmentally-responsible technologies. We create eco-benign® products for a broad range of bio-augmentation, waste degradation and cleaning applications because the traditional harsh chemicals used in these areas damage the environment. The protection of the environment is part of our ethos and values, and underpins the development of all … Read More

New product launched – Biosan-19 joins the range

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We’re pleased to add a brand new product to our collection – introducing Biosan-19, developed specifically for use in waste bins to combat harmful pathogens. Developed specifically in response to the global Coronavirus pandemic, Biosan-19 is designed with PPE and clinical waste bins in mind. The product, impregnated with sanitising fluid, disinfects the bin, keeping … Read More

Mythbuster: Is a clean smelling bathroom actually clean?

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Is a clean smelling bathroom actually clean? Air freshener in public toilets is tricking people into believing their environment is more hygienic than it is. In this latest mythbuster, we look at bathroom odour control and why it’s not to be trusted… (This article was originally posted here.) Most people don’t realise this, but a … Read More

What are the risks of poor washroom hygiene?

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Are the facilities and treatments used for managing sanitary waste putting your health at risk? Following the first ever comparative sanitary waste review, Dr Emma Saunders, General Manager at Genesis Biosciences, analyses the risks of poor washroom hygiene. Keeping washroom facilities clean (from the floors to feminine hygiene units) creates a good visual impression – offering … Read More