How biosan works

Biosan products are designed to be placed in sanitary bins to reduce malodour and eliminate potentially harmful bacteria.

The global sanitary waste problem

1 to 10 Million

When placed in the bin, sanitary waste may contain between 1 million and 10 million harmful bacteria per gram.

Over 100 Million Increase

When using ineffective treatments, bacteria levels in the waste can rapidly increase to over 100 million per gram in just a few days.

A Health Risk

This level of bacteria creates severe malodour and can pose a risk to the health of washroom users and service personnel.

The biosan solution

The patented vapour phase technology in biosan ensures all waste is treated throughout the full service cycle.

The natural active vapours penetrate the whole sanitary disposal bin, permeating around, between and through the waste.

The volatile natural plant extracts and essential oils provide unrivalled odour control efficacy and deliver a long-lasting clean, fresh fragrance.

When using biosan, bacteria levels in the waste decrease to a safe level in only 3 days.

The antibacterial action of biosan

Users are responsible for regulatory compliance in their area of jurisdiction. 

With biosan products, bacteria are reduced to safe levels within three days.