Features and benefits of the biosan anti-viral range

Biosan anti-viral & anti-microbial products have numerous advantages over other more harmful alternatives.

Biosan - Safe

Duty of Care

  • Proven anti-bacterial and anti-viral action increases staff and washroom user safety
  • Provides complete sanitation and deodorisation of the sanitary units
  • Aligned with the values of corporate responsibility, biosan helps to reduce absenteeism due to the spread of illness and provides sanitary disposal bin users and service personnel reliability and peace of mind
  • biosan is made from natural ingredients and does not produce any hazardous by -products
  • Unlike liquid alternatives, no spillage risk at service centre or with client
  • Waste from bins requires no further processing, so operators are not exposed to additional risks
  • Lower weight means less risk of injury when handling bins

Reputation management

  • Prevents bad washroom odours that can damage service and corporate quality reputation
  • Prevents¬†increased costs for early bin collection and disposal due to malodour complaints
Biosan - Environmentally-responsible


  • biosan provides optimal performance with minimal impact on the environment
  • The active ingredients are natural substances derived from plant sources
  • Excellent environmental and sustainability profiles, providing rapid biodegradation, no disruption to land or marine life
  • Made using efficient, low energy consumption manufacturing processes, and minimal packaging and waste


  • Lighter product weight compared to liquid alternative, reduces carbon footprint and disposal costs
  • Simple dosing system means no risk of cost overruns due to product over-dosing
  • Minimal investment required in personal protective equipment for employees
Biosan - Cost effective
Biosan - Easy to use


  • Product packaged in individual one dose cards or sachets, designed for highly accurate dosing
  • Minimal training and personal protective equipment required
  • Waste from bins requires no further processing keeping operations simple and efficient
  • biosan does not leave any mess or residue and is simply disposed of along with the sanitary waste

Choose your biosan product


Biosan-19 is a tested and verified anti-bacterial and anti-viral product (including SARS-CoV-2) developed specifically for use in waste bins to combat harmful pathogens, whilst offering a pleasant fragrance.

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Biosan - ecards

Biosan E-card

The e-card is a natural anti-microbial product placed inside a sanitary bin. Its natural vapour technology permeates the contents of the bin, providing user protection and creating a pleasant aroma through the washroom.

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Biosan - P-Max

Biosan P-max

P-max is a sachet that is emptied inside a sanitary bin, with germicidal effects that last for 4 weeks. The particles eradicating microorganisms and neutralise malodour at source.

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Biosan - naturals

Biosan Naturals

Biosan Naturals product is a natural, fragrancing product, available in sachets or loose granules. It eliminates malodours inside the sanitary bin and keeps the whole washroom smelling clean and fresh.

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