Biosan P-max

Biosan P-Max eradicates harmful bacteria & risk of infection in sanitary bins. With odour control technology leaving washrooms clean and fresh. An environmentally responsible product for use within lined sanitary bin systems.

Biosan P-Max is based on our patented, natural vapour technology and our unique blend of volatile, natural plant extracts.

The particles in P-Max cling to the inside of a sanitary bin, eradicating harmful microorganisms and producing a pleasant, long lasting fragrance.

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Why do we need biosan P-Max?

Sanitary waste bins in commercial and institutional washrooms are a breeding ground for microorganisms, leading to:

  • offensive and unpleasant odours, which lead to a poor perception of service levels by visitors and staff.
  • the growth of potentially pathogenic microorganisms, putting users at risk.

P-Max eradicates harmful bacteria and the risk of infection, protecting users. Its fragrancing action makes washrooms smell clean, fresh, and pleasant.

How does it work?

The active particles in P-Max cling to the bin interior or liner and eradicate microorganisms as waste enters the bin and comes into contact with the particles.

P-Max also provides an immediate fragrancing action which creates a pleasant aroma in the surrounding washroom.

The antibacterial action of biosan

Users are responsible for regulatory compliance in their area of jurisdiction. 

With biosan P-Max, bacteria are reduced to safe levels within three days.

Directions for use

To use P-Max, tear the sachet and sprinkle the particles inside the sanitary bin.

What quantities can I buy?

biosan P-Max is supplied in cases containing 500 sachets.

Features and benefits
  • Efficacy - Product has been tested in actual sanitary bins, providing verification and validation for its efficacy.
  • Duty of care – vapour phase anti-microbial technology provides complete sanitation of the unit to protect service personnel and washroom users against harmful bacteria.
  • Reputation Management – Prevents bad odours at source and avoids incurring costs for early bin collection due to customer complaints.
  • Environmentally responsible – Provides optimal performance with a minimal impact on the environment through the use of natural substances
  • Economical – Simple dosing system means no risk of cost overruns through product overdosing; 1 sachet per unit will last for a minimum of 4 weeks.
  • Easy to use – No risk of mess or residue, minimal training and PPE requirement for service personnel.

Product has been tested in actual sanitary bins, providing verification and validation for its efficacy.

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