Biosan Naturals

Biosan - naturals

Biosan Naturals is a natural fragranced granular product that works within a sanitary bin to eradicate malodours and keep bathrooms and washrooms smelling fresh.

The pleasant citrus scent permeates throughout the sanitary bin, providing a fresh washroom experience.

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Why do we need biosan Naturals?

Sanitary waste bins in commercial and institutional washrooms are a breeding ground for microorganisms, leading to:

  • offensive and unpleasant odours, which lead to a poor perception of service levels by visitors and staff.

biosan Naturals produce a pleasant and fresh fragrance to permeate the surrounding washroom.

How does it work?

biosan Naturals is, as its name suggests, a totally natural substance. It is made from a highly absorbent natural mineral that slowly releases fragrant oils throughout the sanitary bin, combatting malodours and producing a pleasant washroom aroma.

Directions for use

One sachet or scoop of granules is placed inside a sanitary bin, and replaced with every new liner or after waste disposal.

What quantities can I buy?

biosan Naturals granules is available in 1.25kg tubs which equates to 500 doses.

Alternatively, it is available in individual sachets packed 500 per case.

Features and benefits
  • Efficacy - Product has been tested in actual sanitary bins, providing verification and validation for its efficacy
  • Reputation Management – Vapour phase technology allows fragrance to permeate the whole unit, eradicating bad odours and avoids incurring costs for early bin collection due to customer complaints. 
  • Environmentally responsible – Provides optimal performance with a minimal impact on the environment through the use of non-toxic, natural substances
  • Economical – Simple dosing system means no risk of cost overruns through product overdosing; 1 sachet/1 scoop per unit creates a pleasant fragrance for 4 weeks,
  • Easy to use – Minimal training and PPE requirement for service personnel.

Product has been tested in actual sanitary bins, providing verification and validation for its efficacy.

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