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Designed and developed over 20 years by a team of scientists and regulatory experts in the UK, biosan is the result of an innovative, environmentally-responsible approach to cleaning & sanitising solutions.

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Creating world-changing sanitisers since 2002

The Biosan range was specially developed by Genesis Biosciences as a result of demands from the personal hygiene sector through many years of continuous product development.

Millions of pounds in investment and resources has led to a range of innovative sanitisers that use plant extracts and our patented, natural vapour technology.

All of our biosan products are developed by our team of scientists and regulatory experts within our laboratory in Cardiff, UK.

We use nature's own toolbox to harness the power of science.

Over 10 million units
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Sold in 19 countries

ISO 14001:2015 + ISO 9001:2015

The team behind biosan

Say hello to our team of scientists, regulatory specialists and sales representatives, based in Cardiff, UK.

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Dr. Emma Saunders

General Manager - Europe

Debbie Williams

Group Compliance Officer

Dr. Phil Caunt

Research & Development Specialist

Dr. Chris Charles

Research Scientist

Rachel Stephenson

Sales Executive

Peter Wallbank

Business Development Manager

Sophie Price

Global Marketing Executive

What makes biosan different

Our products are based on volatile plant extracts that are active throughout the bin, controlling micro-organisms and suppressing odours at source, implementing our patented, natural vapour technology. Our products are tested within their intended environments to ensure activity throughout the unit for the duration of a service.

All Biosan products undergo stringent checks and controls to ensure that our nature-led solution is effective and safe.

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Biosan - Protects staff & users

Using nature's own toolbox

Our biosan range uses our eco-benign® technology, specially developed to harness the action of naturally occurring beneficial microbes and readily biodegradable, non-toxic chemistry.

All biological components we use are naturally occurring, non-hazardous, class 1 microorganisms. And we always use naturally derived plant extracts for our anti-microbial actives - these are rapidly biodegradable and have a low toxicity, which causes minimal environmental impact.

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The biosan range

Biosan - Products

P-max, e card and Naturals

Our original 3 products address malodours and the risk of infection within feminine hygiene waste units.

Available in varying formats, each product eradicates microorganisms like Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV, and neutralises malodours at source.

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As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, we developed Biosan-19 - a tested and verified anti-bacterial and anti-viral product developed specifically for use in waste bins to combat harmful pathogens, including SARS-CoV-2, whilst offering a pleasant fragrance.

Available as a sheet or card, the product is placed inside a PPE or clinical waste bin to keep users safe.

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Biosan Sanitiser Aerosol

An anti-viral and anti-bacterial aerosol spray for effective disinfection of areas covering up to 100m³.

Two available formats include:

  • Total-Release Sanitiser Aerosol 200ml, offering disinfection via a pressurised canister in 15 minutes
  • Multi-use Sanitiser Aerosol 500ml, allowing you to efficiently sanitise regular touch points and shared spaces without the need to wipe down after use

Independently tested & verified to be effective against COVID-19 and all novel coronaviruses.

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