Biosan - Product range

The biosan range of products is specifically designed to prevent malodours, risk of infection and poor service perception in public, private and commercial washrooms.

All biosan products are scientifically verified and validated to ensure that our natural solution is effective and safe.

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Why biosan?

Biosan - safe

Duty of Care

Reputation management


Biosan - cost effective


Biosan - easy to use


The biosan range

All our products are designed for use with sanitary bins.


Biosan-19 is a tested and verified anti-bacterial and anti-viral product (including SARS-CoV-2) developed specifically for use in waste bins to combat harmful pathogens, whilst offering a pleasant fragrance.

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Biosan - ecards


The e-card is a natural anti-microbial product placed inside a sanitary bin. Its natural vapour technology permeates the contents of the bin, providing user protection and creating a pleasant aroma through the washroom.

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Biosan - naturals


The Naturals product is a natural, fragrancing product, available in sachets or loose granules. It eliminates malodours inside the sanitary bin and keeps the whole washroom smelling clean and fresh.

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Biosan - P-Max


P-max is a sachet that is emptied inside a sanitary bin, with germicidal effects that last for 4 weeks. The particles eradicate microorganisms and neutralise malodour at source.

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